Happy World Environment Day!

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.33.53 PM

Happy World Environment Day from Industree Foundation! The global pandemic  has shed light on the danger of living in a world unprepared to respond to a disaster, and demonstrated the need to address the climate crisis proactively.  The pandemic has also displayed humanity’s ability to rapidly adjust and adapt our systems, and we need to leverage this momentum to address the way that modern practices affect our planet. One of the largest areas of destruction to our planet stems from production; consequently, the production methods for the largest consumption sectors such as food, fashion and lifestyle, must be addressed, with a sustainable alternative.  Through Industree’s many partnerships with investors and government, including its Producer Owned Women Enterprises (POWER) project in collaboration with USAID, we are bringing women producers directly in the natural fibre, bamboo, and biodegradable leaf tableware value chains through the establishment of producer owned companies.  Through production with natural materials, Industree is actively working to transform the future of the planet and the betterment of its most vulnerable populations.



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