Artisan of the Week: Kavalamma

Meet our artisan of the week, Kavalamma! Kavalamma is an apparel artisan from Kalyandurg, and she works for Ektha Apparel, a producer-owned tailoring company incubated by Industree Foundation. Before working with Ektha, Kavalamma was a housewife, and her family struggled financially. She did not have the funds to send her children to school consistently, resulting… Read More Artisan of the Week: Kavalamma

Scenes On-Site: Professional Management

Scenes On-Site: Professional Management. Industree Foundation incubates producer owned companies for women artisans to earn for themselves and achieve economic empowerment. In order to make sure that these companies become sustainable, succeed, and grow, Industree hires a professional management team to strengthen the supply chains for the artisans. The professional management team provides support and… Read More Scenes On-Site: Professional Management

Scenes On-Site: Craft sans child labor

Scenes On-Site: Craft sans child labor. In urban Jaipur, Industree Foundation is working to create child labor free supply chains in a number of crafts. Industree is creating market demand from conscious, ethical buyers which will support supply chains without child labor to prosper. Industree is hand holding the producers (specifically women) through the provision… Read More Scenes On-Site: Craft sans child labor