Media Mentions

Mar 17 2017: Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth partners with Industree Foundation to empower 100,000 women artisans, The Hindu Business Line

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth announces its partnership with Industree Foundation for Mission Creative Million, where it intends to make a grant of US$150,000 to further adoption of digital payment solutions among women artisans.

“Connecting women artisans to the networks that power the modern world – like financial services – unlocks their economic potential and accelerates a cycle of equitable and sustainable economic growth. Micro entrepreneurs drive the local economy and through our partnership with Industree Foundation, we look forward to empowering artisans with the tools and training to grow their businesses and advance the lives of their families and communities.” – Shamina Singh, President, Master Center for Inclusive Growth.

Feb 05 2017: The Designer Life, Live Mint

Our CEO, Jacob Mathew is featured on this piece on design professionals.

Pic: Hemant Mishra, Mint

“For Mathew, designing is both about aesthetics and the judicious use of scarce resources, something he tries to implement through his own lifestyle choices.”

January 16 2017: All you wanted to know about Ikea’s India entry, India Retailing

Industree’s partnership with Ikea’s Next Generation initiative gets a mention in this article about the Swedish company’s much-awaited entry into India.

“Working with Ikea gives social entrepreneurs access to a global marketplace, giving them a strong foundation for self-sufficiency and independence. In return, Ikeacustomers get the opportunity to buy limited edition collections of handmade and unique products. Today we work with two social entrepreneurs in India, RangSutra Crafts and Industree, involving 1,200 women artisans.”

January 12 2017: India’s job challenge requires collective action, Live Mint

Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of SVP India shares his thoughts on how collective action will help solve India’s job challenge. He also gives a shoutout to Industree, which has been identified as one of the organisations for SVP’s Million Jobs Mission.

“Technology is rendering the very idea of jobs obsolescent and we need a redefinition in terms of livelihoods and a living wage. It will take a multi-dimensional approach and most of all, an active partnership between businesses, government and civil society to scale the necessary solutions. This is termed ‘collective action’.”

September 29 2016: Social Venture Partners unveils million jobs mission, Live Mint

Industree Foundation is chosen as one of the social organisations that non-profit body, Social Venture Partners will work to help create around one million jobs in India.

Pic: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

“In India, the organization supports four social organizations—Industree Foundation, Vrutti, The/Nudge Foundation and Milestone Project of NES—in creating large-scale jobs by providing them with funds and expertise.”

July 15 2016: Learning to be self-reliant, The Hindu

Industree facilitated a training programme for 25 artisans in Khammam, Telangana on making palm-leaf based handicrafts

Pic: Devarajan/Industree

“The NBVI initiated a three week-long training programme for women in weaving artefacts from palm leaves, in association with the Bengaluru-based Industree Crafts Foundation, a few days ago.”

January 20 2017: It’s time for India’s creative workers to go global, The Huffington Post

Op-ed by Neelam Chhiber on scaling up India’s creative manufacturing sector.

“Harnessing the creative power of India’s manufacturers will help us build a more resilient society for the future.”

January 10 2017: Close to home – The world of Ikea, The Indian Express

A shout out for Industree from Ikea on how it is sourcing locally from India.

Pic: Ikea

“Local sourcing is the way ahead for IKEA in India, says Smedberg. Currently, they have over 50 suppliers in the country, and the number is steadily growing. From the Stockholm and Kattrup rugs done in Bhadoi to the banana fibre mats and baskets made with Industree Craft Foundation, Bangalore, IKEA’s made-in-India products are reaching global shelves.”

October 29 2015: Women social entrepreneurs are driving transformation, Live Mint

Co-founder Neelam Chhiber joins an elite bunch of women who have been identified as agents of sustained socio-economic growth and change.

“…two have been women social entrepreneurs with their work models focusing on empowering rural women—be it Chetna Vijay Sinha of Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, with the first women’s bank providing financial linkages to rural women, or Neelam Chhiber of Industree Crafts Foundation, which is preparing low-income artisans to become owners and have direct market access.”

June 26 2015: Industree talks – Are dying handicraft arts worth saving?, Your Story 

Jacob Mathew, CEO of Industree’s on how the aspirations of artisans are at odds with ground realities.

The pertinent question here, Mathew feels, is who really stands to gain from this set up? And that is where the controversial question of ‘middle men’ comes up. In an age where the Internet provides for a direct relationship between creators and consumers, middle men are now seen as 21st century’s bogeymen. However, Mathew says, “Middle men are required. Let’s just clear that. The question really is : how many middle men and how much should they add to the system?”