In the spirit of SDGs

‘The Future of Progress’, released by Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Report 2022 on SDGs 2030 highlighted the need for progressive efforts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGSs) that are currently being hindered by global crisis.

SDGs were born at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. It aimed to produce a set of universal goals that would help combat the urgent environmental, political, and economic challenges facing our world. The goals balance the economic, social, and ecological dimensions of sustainable development and place the fight against poverty and sustainable development on the same agenda.

The ambitious objectives and targets to achieve SDGs by 2030 is a mandate to be carried on priority and Industree is spearheading the progress with intersectionality on Equity, Climate and Gender. Industree’s endeavors in the year 2022 have shifted towards integrating the triad as it leads to value creation at the source, critical in connecting the produce with modern supply chains. Equity, Climate, and Gender axis lead to positive outcomes in at least 11 of the 17 SDGs covering no poverty, gender equality, decent jobs, economic growth, sustainable production and consumption, and partnerships to achieve the goals. 

Increasing incomes in the hands of women by guiding their participation in natural value chains such as Banana, Bamboo and Sal-Siali/biodegradable leaf plates is an obvious approach to positive climate action, and this is something that Industree has been doing successfully over the last few years. Industree’s training model helps women get trained in soft skills, which aligns the women with a range of life skills like food and nutrition, awareness of rights, gender equality, children’s education, financial literacy, and leadership and giving them a regular flow of income by which they earn a respectable name for themselves in society and ensure better education for their children and have better access to food and hygiene. The hard skills training allows for the women to learn new methods and techniques in creating handwoven products to enable economic growth through decent and safe work. 

Industree strives toward positive climate action with the plantation of 1 lakh Bamboo saplings with the help of farmers from the Karnataka region spread over 650 acres of private land, which will result in 6000+ metric tons of carbon sequestration each year on each acre of Bamboo-planted land. 

Collaborations are significant to take collective SDG actions together and Industree is closely cooperating with Catalyst 2030-a social entrepreneur led and innovator led movement and Catalyst markets-a social enterprise collaboration for a regenerative and inclusive economy to realize SDGs by 2030. Industree and its co-creation partner entities are committed to delivering on multiple SDGs, ranging from gender, and sustainable production and consumption to climate change, decent work, and economic growth. 

The global 17 inter-linked goals share a blueprint for People, Planet and Prosperity today and a better future for all. Let’s progress our collective efforts towards achieving the SDGs by 2030.


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