Increasing Economic Opportunities for Women through natural fibre-based livelihoods

World Earth Day is upon us. But then, it is not just commemorative for one day in a calendar year. Thankfully, the world is discussing climate change, sustainability, and a green planet. The decade of sustainability is upon us. The 20s’ have been heralded as the decisive decade to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, laying the platform to achieve an impartial economy for all. As focussed as the world is towards sustainability and climate change, achieving those goals globally has been quite significant and there seems to be a momentum that is gathering across the world to unite and work towards a healthier planet. 

One of the key sections in society who can help make a big impact in this movement are women. They are critical to mitigating issues related to sustainability and helping with green growth. Women in any society are progressive, forward-looking and as a workforce deserve to have a seat at the table where they can discuss their role in shaping the future.  

Women and World Earth Day – The Two Pillars of Conservation

Decades of studies and research has shown that economic growth and stability of any country is possible with economic empowerment of women. Economic empowerment betters the chances of women making an all-round progress in health, hygiene, decision making, parenting, learning new skills and even opening up to avenues of entrepreneurship. Till some years back, the reason why women lagged behind in garnering entrepreneurship roles was because of proper financial support and related infrastructure. But now stakeholders are making huge strides in supporting women in rural and small-towns India to not just participate in their family trade but also move up the value chain and earn more than just a daily wage. How does the state of women affect the Climate Change Movement or affect World Earth Day in any which way?

Industree as an organisation has stood by its commitment to green sustainability and creating a harmonious relationship and balance between People, Planet and Prosperity. The organization is working towards it by promoting natural fibre-based livelihoods across the value chain with a vision to create a world in which millions of producers rise out of poverty by building rural livelihoods sustainably, with the core knowledge that they already have of mother earth, of preservation and of living respectfully in harmony with nature. Economic sustainability is the key to women’s empowerment and by bringing together both nature and intent, Industree Foundation is creating a self-sufficient program. Our USAID supported POWER project is impacting women producers directly in the natural fibre, bamboo, and biodegradable leaf value chains. This initiative empowers women in the rural hinterlands and forestry landscape and connects them to national and international supply chains for natural and biodegradable products.  

Industree’s Commitment to a Green Planet and Empowered Women 

Industree’s commitment to the planet is clearly visible from its commitment to sustainable best practices through the use of natural fibres and non-timber forest produce as raw materials for their products with an idea to promote minimal waste, maximum sustainability and lower carbon footprint. 

With women as the core, Industree trains and upskills women to earn a decent livelihood. Giving them the power and wherewithal to build their own lives with their own two hands is a dream come true. Industree is working closely with women in Tamil Nadu where they are creating sustainable and eco friendly products across the banana value chain, in Odisha where women are using leaves from the NTFP value chain to create eco friendly tableware.By creating alternatives from natural value chains such as banana, sal, etc. Industree are providing an alternative to plastics, supporting good production based practices, encouraging sustainable consumption amongst consumers in addition to providing economic empowerment to the women.

We are On Our Way…

From the year 2000 till date, Industree Foundation has come a long way in promoting sustainable value chains. Targeting environment friendly best practices, and training on natural resource management is implemented in the field to ensure the sustainability of the resources through community engagement. While sharing the positive socio-economic impact on every stakeholder that lies therein, Industree is aligning itself with planet friendly aspects of creating livelihood opportunities for women and also conserve the environment through green practices.


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