Boosting the 6Y ‘Life Skills’

The 6Y training program has created and built an agency for the women producers at Industree in their journey from survival to sustenance and rise to prosperity. 6Y-soft skills are intangible, interpersonal skills that orient  an individual in working with peers, and the professional management layer. 

6Y training focuses on people and self-efficacy and looks at you (Producer), your Family, your Work, and your Workmates, your Community, your World, and your Planet. It aims at bringing awareness of their rights and help them be socially responsible for themselves, community as well as the planet. So far, Producer Owned Women Enterprises (POWER) project has trained 5628 women producers for 6Y training.

Industree is supporting women under the POWER  project across the value chains of Banana, Bamboo and NTFP in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Odisha and making their lives better by providing them with 6Y training that facilitates awareness on the 6 different elements. Currently, in the Year 3 of the project, women are undergoing training in Koraput district of Odisha where the training curriculum has been developed to make the women producers understand their role at individual, family, workplace, and community levels and is disseminated by the professional management team. The producers are introduced to the concept of a producer company and their role as wealth creators- creating a worth to themselves and others. 

The training module aligns the women with a range of life skills like food and nutrition, awareness of rights, gender equality, children’s education, financial literacy, and leadership and giving them a regular flow of income by which they earn a respectable name for themselves in society and ensure better education for their children and have better access to food and hygiene. Pramila Dalapati, Leaf collector, Odisha says that ‘I was introduced to 6Y and Gender training and some relevant empowering stories talking about equality amongst men-women were also shown. That opened my mind to interact with fellow women and communities and develop myself towards something better’.  


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