Unlocking a Social Cover

According to the World Health Organisation, as of 7 June 2021, global COVID cases spiralled around 173,005,553 confirmed cases, including 3,727,605 deaths, as reported by the agency. The good news is that as of 4 June 2021, a total of 1,900,955,505 vaccine doses have been administered. The world is fighting the consequences of the virus since the first wave hit us, now the second and the third wave is making its way to cripple the lives of people, who are already struggling with the negatives of the first waves. Amidst the chaos and confusion, we are treading an ongoing effort of saving ourselves and the ones we love. 

So, we believe it is an apt moment to reflect our assurance and solidarity to our producer artisans, who are facing an adversity crisis back home. Standing by its community artisans and helping them with fortitude amidst adversity, Industree Foundation is envisioning the needful action support to the communities with a token of security and helping its artisans by supporting a sum of Rs 5000 to producers contracting COVID virus and Rs 15000 to the families of those who lost an artisan, earner or producer. In such trying times, we are catalysing our heart-felt momentum to engage our solidarity with our communities and champion an urgent action to protect the lives of our artisan fraternity.

Likewise, in response to escalating medical costs under the second wave of the pandemic, Industree Foundation has been offering a sustainable hand for the artisan fraternity with a social cover via the twin aspects of safe health and secured wellbeing. Industree, through the POWER project, funded by USAID has been providing artisans with a Worker Welfare Policy insurance which sustains artisans facing a life crisis such as accidents, the expenses which will be compensated with the help of an insurance. In addition, Industree is introducing an ongoing Health insurance that doesn’t just help the artisans but also their families, to include treatments covered for COVID but also facing any diseases. This insurance covers all the medical costs of the artisans and reduces their out of pocket expenditure, thus making an enduring effort to assist their monetary woes and engage them towards right decision making for quick response and preparedness.

In the hassle of the recurrent waves, the Industree administration is driving a strong point to deliver its promises to the artisans and make them aware of all the benefits and assistance they can receive from the Foundation. In a nutshell, supporting our producer artisans to aspire to continue to be resilient, empowered and secure is the objective that Industree is striving for in the middle of a COVID ravage.

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