A Snapshot of Tharangambadi

mask making 2.jpg

During the global pandemic, Industree is committed to supporting our producers through protecting their lives and their livelihoods. We are communicating daily with our producers to get an understanding of the reality they are facing in their local areas, and to provide information and support however possible.  While all of our producers are facing many of the same challenges, some challenges differ based on location.  

In Tharangambadi, a fishing village in Tamil Nadu where the majority of our producers from our Greenkraft Tharangambadi unit reside, we are happy to report that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19.  The village panchayat (government structure) has banned social gatherings, and has shut down hotels and market places, which were considered tourist attractions, to foreign access.  For the initial 21 days of lockdown, villagers were not allowed to fish but now the government has allowed fishing to resume for their own consumption. This has alleviated some financial burden. 

There is a massive amount of misinformation spreading through social media and forwarded messages that is circulating in the village and causing a degree of trepidation. Industree has combated this spread through our regular communication with our producers.  The producers have expressed their gratitude for our constant update with guidelines to operate and have reported that there is a lot more clarity on the subject matter. 

Our producers have also begun to produce masks for personal use, which has helped them to feel like some of their work culture has been normalized through being able to work with their hands, lifting their spirits and making them happy to be creating again.


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