Artisan Co-Owner of the Week: Rajeshwari

This week, our featured artisan co-owner is Rajeshwari!
Rajeshwari, 39, works at Bangalore Greenkraft in Madurai as a Master Trainer in basket weaving. Previously, Rejeshwari worked in a tea shop with long hours and low wages. After her husband died, she was left to care for her two sons, ages 12 and 9, and began finding it increasingly difficult to support them. Working hard to make ends meet, Rajeshwari could rarely find time to spend with her children.
After starting to work at Bangalore Greenkraft and receiving training in financial literacy, Rajeshwari receives higher wages and can even save money for her children’s education and for the future of her family. What’s more, she now has time to spend with her kids because her work hours are more conducive to raising a family.
Rajeshwari has learned new skills in basket weaving and quickly advanced from Apprentice to Master Trainer, finding pleasure in her prowess as an artisan. Rajeshwari says, “I am proud that I have learned so many skills and have become a Master Trainer. I can make any product now!” Not only does Rajeshawari feel more confident in her self, but she also empowers other women artisans through her unit trainings.
We’ll be back next week with more stories, so stay tuned!

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