Artisan Co-owner of the Week: Gomati

Meet our featured artisan co-owner of the week, Gomati.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.37.47 PM.png

Gomati is a silk sari weaver from Thirubuvanam. Her town is famous for silk sari weaving, and this business was an indispensable source of income for many of the women who lived there. However, the business has begun to deteriorate, and the women who worked in this industry were significantly financially wounded; they struggled to support their families as their primary source of income began to vanish.

Gomati and the other women in her town frantically searched for other income-generating work. She and other women in her town found hope and future solutions in the financial training provided by Industree and Standard Chartered. Through this program, she gained confidence that women, as a group, can conduct formal business instead of sitting at home to work.

Gomati learned the importance of goal setting to outline the intentions and desired outcomes of a business. She says, “We all trained in setting goals that we need to meet and planning how to approach them. Now I am very much inspired to start a business.” Gomati learned practical business planning skills that gave her confidence in herself as an entrepreneur and motivated her to implement these skills and start her own business.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories about our amazing artisan co-owners next week!


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