Stéphane Dubois Visit Recap and Testimonial

A few weeks ago, our friend Stéphane Dubois from Chatham House ventured to India for her first time to see Industree’s work in person!  After speaking with our Co-Founder and Managing Trustee Neelam Chhiber, she decided that she wanted to see our Producer Ownership Model for herself, and made her way to Bangalore.  Stephane saw four different production units during her time in India, traveling from cities to rural villages in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Her first site visit was to Ektha Apparel in Mandya, where she saw the production of clothing (for companies such as Fab India and Mother Earth)


In Tamil Nadu, Stephane traveled to the Bangalore Greenkraft production units in Chinnangudi, Tharangambadi, and Madurai.  At these units, she saw artisan skills at work to weave basketry products for orders from Ikea and H&M. She was able to engage with the artisans on a personal level, and to hear their stories and learn how working with Industree has impacted and empowered their lives.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 7.26.13 AM.png

We are so grateful to have hosted Stephane and to have shown her our work.  Following her trip, Stephane recounted her experience in a video testimonial.  Watch it here and learn more about her experience:



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