Artisan Co-owner of the Week: Kanmani Mahadevan

Meet our featured artisan co-owner of the week, Kanmani Mahadevan.


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 5.51.23 PM.png


Kanmani is a handloom weaver who works to support her two children. Prior to taking part in the financial training provided by Industree and Standard Chartered Bank, she had little knowledge of personal finance and accumulating formal savings. Without this knowledge, so many women are ravaged by unplanned life complexities that they don’t have the savings to recover from.

Kanmani now knows how to save money in a bank, and also how to obtain insurance for herself and her family. In addition to personal financial knowledge, she also learned business planning skills.  She understands the expenditure needed to start a business, and what income is.

Before the training, she was working on her own as a cooli; now, she wants to collaborate with other weavers. She says, “I feel that it is a good idea for a group of ten weavers to join together and create a business to earn more profit.” Kanmani not only learned how to save for herself and provide security for her family, but she also feels empowered to take charge of her livelihood and earn more through implementing the skills that she learned through this training.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories about our amazing artisan co-owners next week!


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