Visit from the Mae Fah Luang Foundation

Last week, Industree had a few very exciting days with great company!


The Mae Fah Luang Foundation, a social entrepreneurship focused organization from Thailand, visited Industree Foundation this weekend to see our Producer Ownership Model first hand. A group of 26 team members made their way to the head office in Bangalore and then to our rural Ektha Apparel units in Mandya.


It was truly a weekend full of collaborative learning and sharing as we showed the Mae Fah Luang team what we do.  The team learned about Industree and our model while visiting our office in Bangalore. The next day, they got to see the Producer Ownership Model in action, and speak to producers about how it works and affects their lives while visiting our rural Ektha Apparel units in Mandya.  We were so happy to host our fellow social entrepreneurs, and thankful that they made the long journey from Thailand to get a personal introduction to the work Industree does.



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