Neelam Chhiber at Ikea, Sweden

Neelam at Ikea.jpg
Neelam Chhiber, Managing Trustee of Industree Foundation in conversation with employees at the Ikea store.

In June 2016, our co-founder Neelam Chhiber paid a visit to the Ikea office at Sweden.  In this video, she talks about Industree Foundation’s partnership with Ikea and why it is critical for social enterprises to partner with big businesses.

She says:

“Social enterprises around livelihood are actually rare. But those are the ones that need to be scaled. Which is about putting money in the hands of the poor. That’s why Industree’s relationship with Ikea is so critical. Unless social enterprises engage with big businesses, we are not going to see scale. We need the power of big business behind us.”

On the Industree Foundation-Ikea partnership, Neelam has this to say:

“This partnership could be a model. When it is projected to other companies, it could have a huge ripple effect. Because all global companies could do this.”

Also pictured in the video are Roslilina Mark, master trainer at Greenkraft Producer Company (read Rosie’s story here: 15 years and counting) and Dr Dipti of RangSutra Crafts.


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